Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Government, Society and Business(GSB)

I think this is one of the courses many people won't like but i found it very interesting. The course brings in a whole new perspective about the society and government (business .. we have already had enough of it :) .. well, to say the least, its a whole new world out there which i wouldn't have thought of in the normal course of life.
Its about UNDP .. Indian Government... policies ... state of society and the radical thinkers ...
We had a session today where we were shown a talk by Amartya Sen ... he gave some of the most thought provoking ideas .. one of them was like this ... people want to live and live long .. some of them want to get more of life and enjoy ... some of them have a definite purpose to achieve .... but at the end they all want to live longer .. now if you increase the life expectancy in the economy essentially you are increasing their freedom ... their freedom to achieve what they want ...
Its essential to understand the concept of freedom .. freedom to do what you want. Though the idea is certainly linked to economical progress .. but it has a number of indicators .. freedom to do any thing relates to the holistic development of society ... and that is what everyone should aim at.


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