Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Its all about time ..

At times, ISB schedule freaks me out .. that's what happenned last saturday(27th may) when i came to know about LDP(Leadership Development Programme) session scheduled on the next day.
A programme of 8 hours !!!... just when things were going fine and i was anticipating a managable schedule, i came to know about this programme and the thought of losing 8 hrs was nerve-racking..........given no other option, i had to attend the session.. it was a good session but it should have been scheduled some time in term break. Nyways, the positive side was that those 8 hours were like oasis in the desert.
... now that i am short on time, I plan to take out time from Accounting assignment, Accounting Quiz, Eco group assignment (all due by weekend) to do well in the end term scheduled next monday :)


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